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Safe Phonecalls

The service is designed specifically to allow two users to connect through call, SMS, and MMs without revealing their personal mobile number.

Safe Communication

Its purpose is to provide the convenience of call, SMS, and MMS between two users but in a safe and secure way that does not put their personal mobile number at risk.

Full protection of personal number

We can regionalise the service for any country.

No manipulating the system

Users can only contact other users through the assigned unique phone number using their original number.

Full Control

The users always remain in control of who has permission to call them and if they wish to connect with them.

No pressure

Either user can reverse the ability to have contact with another user at any time, with the click of a button.

Pay as you Go

Users have the freedom to access the service as they please, with no subscription required. Users are billed on a pay per use basis without having to rely on access to their standard network or data.

Compliance Practices

All exchanges are recorded in compliance with the relevant Telecommunications Codes of Practice.

Secure Data Access

The host site will have full access to all user data including a registry of user interactions.

About Us

The concept of Protect My Call came to us from our experiences using online dating applications. It was Identified through our use of these applications that there was no way to safely and securely take the conversation off the application without revealing our personal mobile phone number, and so Protect My Call was born. What has evolved since is an innovative and unique call routing strategy and billing system solution that has the versatility to be applied to a wide variety of applications.

Protect My Call draws on the wealth of experience in the Telecommunications Industry with one of our Directors also a founder of IC247 Mobility, a public company headquartered in Australia. IC247 is a global leader in innovative reverse charge telephony services, launching 1800MUMDAD in Australia in 2005 and 0800MUMDAD in the UK in 2007.

At Protect My Call, providing safe and secure mobile interactions is at the very core of what we do. Backed by a team of talented and dedicated IT and business professionals, we continue to search for sustainable opportunities for the placement of our specialised telecommunication service. If you want to offer your users the option to protect their most valuable piece of contact data for mobile interactions that arise from your application, contact us now at info@protectmycall.com

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