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Safe Phonecalls

The service is designed specifically to allow dating site members to talk with multiple potential partners without giving out their personal mobile number.

Safe Communication

Its purpose is to promote greater contact between members in a safe way.

Full protection of personal number

By putting “07”(for in the UK) we automatically regionalised the content.

No gaming the system

Cannot share or use different phone to contact member

Full Control

The member always remains in control of who has permission to call them and if they wish to connect the call.

No pressure

Either member can reverse the ability to call with any member at anytime 24/7.

Pay as you Go

It is not a subscription service, members will pay on a call by call basis and 3g/4g or any data is not required

Compliance Practices Follow

All exchanges can be recorded in compliance with Telecommunications codes of practice

Secure Data Access

The host site will have full access to all member data including voice recordings.

About Us

Our focus is the commercialisation of niche Mobile Telecommunication services and solutions, using innovation to solve complex billing systems and unique call routing strategies for consumers.

One of our Directors is also a founder of IC247, a public company based out of Australia. They are a global leader in innovative reverse charge Telephony services. Launching in 2005 with their first brand, 1800 MUMDAD, a reverse charge mobile to mobile service, they were the first to successfully deploy such innovative technology enabling and billing reverse charge calling services across all mobile networks in Australia. Further successfully launching 0800 MUMDAD in the United Kingdom in 2007. The unique ability to route, bill and collect attracted all major players in the (Telecommunications) market markets in which they operate.

The operational entities combined receive in excess of 40 million calls annually, handled on proprietary technology owned by the company.

Innovation is at the core of the company Ethos and with a talented team of IT professionals and Entrepreneurs we continue to look for sustainable opportunities for the delivery of our specialised Telco services

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